Ortho-K contact lenses are custom designed for the kids and adults. They are designed to be worn at night only, put in right before bed, and taken out in the morning. These custom contact lenses gently and comfortably reshape the front surface of the eye during the night, with an effect that lasts all day. These lenses are customized to fit the eye and are designed to help reduce the progression of myopia. Parents appreciate that these lenses stay at home, so there is no risk of a child losing them outside the home. An added benefit of lenses is that your child will be able to see without the need for glasses or regular contacts during the day, so they can see clearly in school and for sports and other activities.

Is Myopia treatment something new? Why haven’t I heard about it before?

Over the last decade, researchers and clinicians have shown through numerous clinical studies that myopia in children can be slowed, or even stopped. While this information is now well known in the eye care community, there is a lot of work to do to educate the public and other health care professionals. Awareness has increased as rates of childhood myopia have recently increased dramatically.

Treating myopia in children requires significant clinical training, expertise and technology. Not many doctors offer myopia management. Dr. Maredia has undergone special training specifically to treat myopia in children and has bought special equipment in assisting with testing patients. Her approach is to carefully and consistently monitor patients to maximize their treatment benefits.

What happens after I sign up for Myopia Management?

The initial consultation involves a detailed history and several tests performed by the doctor, as well as a discussion about findings and the recommended treatment plan. We allow an hour for this initial consultation.